Madonna re-records La Isla Bonita for Diplo, listen to a clip of the new version recorded to be used in a dub play. Madonna’s new verses refer to Major Lazer, a project created by Diplo.

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Madonna and Katy Perry; V Magazine Deluxe edition (2014)

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Love Me Leave Me

Check out “Love Me Leave Me”, a song by music producer Cleo Nasser, created by editing together little bits of Madonna vocals!

Available on and called Love Me, Leave Me.  Cleo Nasser, a Madge superfan who’s been remixing Madonna since the mid 90’s, wanted to try something new: create a song by stitching together Madonna acapellas from the last two decades, digitally remaking the tone, pitch and timing of the words to give a whole new meaning.  

"I want Madonna fans to identify where each snippet came from," states Cleo, "that they remember the original songs. After all, this is a great tribute to her. The central theme is loving relationships, something present in practically all of her discography."

The Nasser-reconstructed Madonna lyrics were then remixed by a group of producers dedicated to remixing the Queen of Pop, part of a collective known as the Madonna Remixers United Alliance and released on RemixRecon Records via

Known for her work remixing Madonna’s songs for years, Cleo Nasser devoted almost six times more time to create Love Me, Leave Me, than what usually takes to make a conventional single remix. The work began in February, with the idea of joining different parts of songs to form a new one. "The biggest challenge was to maintain musical harmony and at the same time create lyrics that made sense and were interesting", Cleo says. “Imagine a jigsaw puzzle with pieces that were not originally part of the same set. Each word and phrase had to be re-shaped for the fitting to be perfect”.

The lyrics were created based on the available clean studio acapellas. "I started putting some parts together, checking what made sense and would have the compatible chords, from this verses, the bridge and chorus were created", said Cleo. "In this process, there wasn’t an specific goal in the beginning I was trying to see what could be done and the lyrics were built according to what would work in terms of music", Cleo continues, adding that the choice for the creation of a ballad, a slow song, demanded a more complex elaboration of the usually necessary in creating something for the dance floor. "In addition, there was the matter of composing verses in English, which I know well, but is not my native language", she adds.

Click here to go to the project’s official page where you will find the official download, artwork, and more info!

Check out the video edited by Julio Skov below.

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Madonna Posts ‘Messiah’ Lyrics On Instagram

Madonna is having some fun teasing her new song “Messiah” on Instagram: a week after posting some sheet music from the track and a snippet of an orchestra performing the song, Madge has now unveiled a handful of lyrics from the hopefully-forthcoming track.

Based on these lyrics, Madonna’s “Messiah” is going to be a mystical affair, with “the angels,” “the moon,” “the sun,” and “the sorceress” all making these verses read especially Bjork-y. The caption for the Instagram post goes, “Salvation through  Art! #heart #messiah #livingforlove.”

Madonna has been working on the follow-up to 2012’s “MDNA” with a slew of collaborators, including Natalia Kills, Martin KierszenbaumDiplo and Toby Gad. A title and release date for the album have yet to be announced, and “Messiah” does not have a release date either.

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Madonna shows up for jury duty in Manhattan, released to prevent ‘further distraction’


Who’s that girl showing up for jury duty? Yep, it’s Madonna.

After dodging jury duty with a doctor’s note on May 27, Madonna arrived at 60 Centre St. Monday morning with an entourage fit for a diva.


But she was soon gone. While regular folks summoned to do their civic duty sat through hours of waiting, Madonna was sprung after an hour and a half.

She was about 30 minutes late for her 10 a.m. scheduled arrival time, which is an hour later than the 9 a.m. time regular prospective jurors are asked to arrive.

"I’m proud to do my job," she said, standing tall as she left the courthouse with a gaggle of handlers and security guards.

She didn’t respond to questions about special treatment.

On her way out of the iconic building overlooking Foley Square, the Material Girl showed she could still turn heads.


"That’s Madonna!" one star-struck onlooker said.

"She looks so thin, right?" another chimed in.

A group of fans stopped in their tracks to capture the pop icon’s court cameo.

The Upper West Sider had been ushered into the first-floor clerk’s office instead of the regular jury assembly room.

She was later excused from jury duty, due to her presence causing a commotion at the courthouse.

Madonna was not questioned for a panel.

A court official said the decision was made to let her go early because her presence was a distraction.

"We had ample jurors today and had we needed her, she would have been sent out on a panel," said New York State Unified Court System spokesman David Bookstaver. "We had sufficient jurors not to have created a further distraction for the courthouse."

"She got credit for her service and we’re delighted she came," he added.

Madonna is off the hook for jury service in New York for four years.


Source: NY Daily News

Madonna praised by Boxing Legend Thomas Hearns

Madonna — PRAISED BY BOXING LEGEND… Youth Gym Is HUGE For Detroit!


Madonna is being hailed as a HERO in the boxing community … so says boxing Hall of Famer Tommy “The Hitman” Hearns who’s praising the singer for saving a Detroit boxing gym 

FYI — Madge recently returned from a trip to Detroit and announced she’d be making “significant” donations to 3 organizations … including the Downtown Youth Boxing Gym. 


Madonna says she was super-impressed with the programs at the gym that have helped it achieve a 100% graduation rate.  Recently, the gym’s main building was condemned … so, Madge’s donation will allow the place to make renovations and continue to operate.  

Now, Hearns — who grew up in Detroit — tells TMZ Sports Madonna’s generosity will have a HUGE impact with young boxers and the community as a whole. 

"I think it’s awesome for her to help, being as big as she is," Hearns says … "The people who get the help she provides will probably shed tears."

In fact, Hearns says he hopes Madonna’s philanthropy will inspire other successful Detroit natives to give back — “They should do as much as they can. It’s where they came from, and it’s not a great situation right now.”

Source: TMZ

Madonna attends “Holler If Ya Hear Me” musical based on Tupac’s music, on June 16, 2014.

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Madonna attends “Holler Of Ya Hear Me” Tupac musical preview


NEW YORK (AP) — One of Tupac Shakur’s old friends celebrated his birthday by seeing a new play inspired by his music.

Madonna attended a preview of “Holler If Ya Hear Me” in New York City on Monday, which would have been the rapper’s 43rd birthday. Shakur died in 1996 at age 25.

The musical officially opens Thursday at the Palace Theatre. It uses Shakur’s songs to tell an original story about two young men dealing with life and tragedy in a Midwestern industrial city. Recent Tony winner Kenny Leon is directing.

Madonna sat in the third row. Shakur’s mother and show producer, Afeni Shakur, also attended.

"Holler If Ya Hear Me" uses some of the rap genius’ well-known songs, including "California Love," ”Dear Mama," ”I Get Around" and "Keep Ya Head Up."

Official Website

Madonna pens foreword for David Collins’ book


Madonna has penned a tribute to her late best friend David Collins, whose long-awaited book ABC DCS has been published by Assouline.

The fabric-covered coffee table book, an A-to-Z of Collins’ design philosophy, was written by him and completed by David Kendall at David Collins Studio in London after Collins death from cancer last July. It is full of the Irish decorator’s frankness and humor - “Fashion can be the kiss of death for an interior,” he writes - and lush images of his work in both the private and public  spheres.

In her own surprisingly witty style, Madonna talks in the foreword  about their early days together, how Collins supported her emotionally, how he made her fall in love with London – and she even reveals some private jokes. “He took to calling me Muriel after we saw Muriel’s Wedding, because he said it was sacrilegious and downright ridiculous to say my name in public or private,” Madonna writes. “Occasionally, I would incorporate his lyrics into a song I was writing, and even though I was tempted to take credit for his genius wordplay, I could not, because that is not the kind of girl Muriel is.”

On Thursday night, Collins’ old pals and colleagues gathered at Spencer House in London for the launch. “David worked on the book for a very long time, and his beloved trademark blues are throughout,” said Collins’ longtime friend Tom Konig-Oppenheimer. “He loved life more than almost anyone I have every met. He was the party.”

Madonna attended his funeral last July in Dublin.

Read Madonna’s foreword in full here

Nile Rodgers on Madonna & Like A Virgin


MTV UK: You’ve been in Ibiza a lot and most recently collected the Legends Award at the International Music Summit. What do you think it takes to become a legend?


When I was working with Madonna, she used to walk into the studio and wonder why we were laughing so much, like ‘How do you guys get any work done?’ I take my job very seriously, but I always try to make it fun, because the most you may ever get out of it is the fun you have in the time that you’re doing it.

MTV UK: You mentioned Madonna; what’s one of your fondest memories of working on Like A Virgin with her?

Nile: That was really phenomenal. People don’t give Madonna the real respect and credit that’s due her, she absolutely is the single hardest working person I’ve ever worked with, and I’ve worked with literally hundreds of stars. Madonna shows up early, stays late, she’ll do every single task you want her to do and more. She’s the kind of person that you dream about. She brings the superstar thing and she brings a work ethic unlike anything you’ve ever seen. For me it’s like a dream come true. Probably one of the easiest records of my life I’ve ever made.

Read the rest of his interview with MTV UK