Amy Schumer gave a candid interview to Howard Stern this morning in which she touched on several topics, including her new movie Trainwreck, being offered The Daily Show, and opening for Madonna in NYC this September. To the latter point, Schumer discussed how she came to land that gig in the first place, being that Madonna does not typically (as in, ever) have comedians open for her because comedy and music don’t always pair well together.

However, it was Madonna who initiated the whole thing, which isn’t tremendously surprising because the Material Girl is always coming up with new ways to stay relevant, and what better way than to tie herself to the hottest female comedian around right now? But as far as the how, it turns out that Madonna is also good friends with Chris Rock, who, as we know, is directing Schumer’s stand-up special. Apparently, all it took was a phone call to Rock to set the whole thing up, as Schumer says she still hasn’t spoken with Madonna and probably won’t meet her until the night of the concert.

Schumer also does not have any positive illusions about opening up for a Madonna concert, and is convinced that she’ll bomb, although she doesn’t seem particularly concerned about that because, on the bright side, she gets to see a Madonna concert three nights in a row. Glass half-full?